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Cooking with Sausage

Anyone can host a great sausage feed or add sausage to your gathering in many different ways. Sausage & potato soup, grilled sausage sandwiches and curly fries, eggs and sausage for breakfast, sausage, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, sausage on a stick and on and on. (Check back here often for new recipes.) If you would like to share your favorite sausage recipe here, please e-mail it to us. If it is original and new, we will share and acknowledge you for the recipe.


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Your sausage will start out raw so all necessary good food handling procedures should be followed. Please ensure you keep it below 40 degrees at all times until you are ready to prepare it. When you are ready to prepare. you only need to get the temperature above 170 degrees throughout and you are ready to serve. You can use your oven, BBQ Grill, electric skillet etc.. Our sausage is best served grilled as it is very, very lean. The sausage can be held in a food warmer after cooking at 140-degrees or above and eaten as you go at a gathering. One of the most popular ways to enjoy rope sausage is to use a grill, any grill. A good grill is a wonderful way to heat and serve rope sausage with grilled onions and sauerkraut. A good domestic grill is great for all kinds of cooking and allows you to put a couple of ropes on and chop up some onions and have a "Real Dutch Treat".


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